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How Donald Trump Will Win Again

Don’t abuse history in order to score cheap political points

“What I object to—and what my interlocutors maddeningly refuse to engage with—is the effort to use history and Jewish memory, in particular, the crimes of the Holocaust, in the service of partisan political tricks. The falsification of history, in particular, the history of the Holocaust, is something that all Jews should object to because it is both the foundation and also the most frequent justification for Holocaust denialism.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome

A type of insanity has taken hold of opponents of President Trump. There will be no murderous purge of gay Americans. Joss Whedon has lost his mind.

Spotify’s Smugness Ends In Tragedy

The tragic death of one of its top executives amid the carnage of Friday’s attack in Stockholm has brought the company’s complacency on the issue of terrorism into focus.

Check Facts Before You Overreact

Check that your own country isn’t implementing the same policy before condemning President Trump for his.

Nitpicking Makes You Look Petty

Nitpicking is not good politics. Yes, President Trump’s people confused the four-leaf clover for the shamrock, but so did President Obama.

South African Hypocrisy Over Border Control

Even as a senior South African diplomat slammed Donald Trump’s immigration policy, that country is closing its own borders amidst increasing ‘xenophobic violence’ directed at migrants.

Selective Blindness over Libya’s Women

As with the hypocrisy over protesting on behalf of countries who themselves had travel bans affecting Jews, so liberal and left-leaning women in the West will continue to protest for the right of Libyan men to travel to the US, even as those same men deny that right to the women of Libya.

“A Test for the Anti-Trump Movement”

Bringing extremists and hatemongers into the anti-Trump coalition won’t just put off Jews: it will alienate everybody

Robert Reich: Trump’s Lies Cause Riots

According to eminent professor, Robert Reich, “Trump’s lies” were the cause of the Stockholm riots. Transparently, they were not.

Fake News and Sweden

“If you like Trump, his presence in the White House is a daily extravaganza of sticking it to pompous elites and querulous reporters. If you hate Trump, you wake up every day with some fresh outrage to turn over in your head and text your friends about.”

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