We admit it. The title of this blog is misleading. Our purpose is not to support, but to deny, Donald Trump gaining a second term as President of the United States.

We believe that Trump is a dangerous and unpredictable man with half-baked ideas about complex issues who consistently aligns himself with some of the worst politicians in the United States and beyond. We shan’t over-labour the point*.

Suffice it to say, as supporters of liberal democracy, we recognize that certain of the actions of others on the Liberal/Left – often taken in good faith, but sometimes less so – are counter-productive. Let’s be frank. Some of the responses are downright stupid. They play right into the hands of Donald Trump and his populist supporters. Trump and his strategists expect his opponents to react in a foolish manner. He’s counting on it.

Let’s be blunt. Unless Trump is impeached, or simply gets bored of being President, the excesses of the reaction will almost certainly lead to a President who we’ll have to get used to calling:


If you think of yourself as a sensible liberal, but you find that you get angry at those who point out the multiple mis-steps of parts of the anti-Trump Movement, you may need to take a step backwards. Consider that you may be part of the problem rather than the solution – no matter how passionate and well-meaning your beliefs or convictions.

If on the other hand, none of this worries you in the least, or if you object to Trump opponents pointing this out and seeking to avoid absurdity and failure: you’d better get used to the very real possibility of Two-Terms-Trump.

*What this blog is NOT: 

The purpose of the blog is not to offer a critique of the many failings of Donald Trump and his team, which can be read in any newspaper. Rather it is to draw attention to – and to discourage – conduct which will lead to “Two Terms” Trump.