"Two Terms" Trump

How Donald Trump Will Win Again


Owen Gowell

Fact Check Fail – Mike Hager

“Confirmation bias” is a powerful intoxicant, but like all inebriants, it is the enemy of clear thinking and often leads to one making a fool of oneself in public.

Get The Story Straight

It is time to drop all the hysterical attempts to fire up identity politics. For a start, reaction to identity politics is one of the things that pushed people towards Trump.

Inconveniencing The Public Won’t Win Them Over

So, your think preventing weary travelers from getting home from the airport will win them over to the anti-Trump cause? Think again.

Curb Your Hypocrisy

Ask yourself why you never cared that these same countries ban travel by Israelis, and in some cases anyone who has even visited Israel.

Teacher, Leave People’s Kids Alone

There is no excuse for involving other people’s children in your politics – especially if you are a teacher. Carry on like this and it won’t be long before right-wingers start behaving in the same way.

Progressive Intolerance

No matter how filled with righteous indignation, every single time coalitions of Left/Liberal groups resort to violence – or consort with those who do, or excuse it – to shut down free speech they seem like the intolerant ones.

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