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How Donald Trump Will Win Again


Alternative Facts

Robert Reich: Trump’s Lies Cause Riots

According to eminent professor, Robert Reich, “Trump’s lies” were the cause of the Stockholm riots. Transparently, they were not.

Fake News and Sweden

“If you like Trump, his presence in the White House is a daily extravaganza of sticking it to pompous elites and querulous reporters. If you hate Trump, you wake up every day with some fresh outrage to turn over in your head and text your friends about.”

Robert Reich “Wouldn’t Bet” against Trump and Milo Conspiring to Burn the Reichstag

The Right has lost touch with reality. So, hey: time for the Left to do so too

Charles Sykes on the Importance of Getting Your Facts Right

Charles J. Sykes, a reformed Right wing talk show host, acknowledges the role of his part of the media in fostering an allergy to truth.

The Young Turks Get It

“One of the features of the emerging “Trump era” is that basically anyone can tweet out something incendiary about Trump, no matter how factually dubious, and be reasonably sure that it’ll garner vast amounts of likes and retweets.”

Get The Story Straight

It is time to drop all the hysterical attempts to fire up identity politics. For a start, reaction to identity politics is one of the things that pushed people towards Trump.

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