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How Donald Trump Will Win Again



Cognitive Dissonance Over Uber

Weren’t we all supposed to be removing the Uber app from our phones, because they continued to operate during the one hour taxi drivers strike at JFK Airport?

Matthew d’Ancona Gets It

Matthew d’Ancona, writing in the UK’s liberal broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian, argues that attempts to restrict freedom of expression are both counterproductive and wrong in principle.

Read: Berkeley protesters just fell into the most obvious trap imaginable. Again

“These are miserable times, and we should be resisting the erosion of democratic norms at every turn. But what happened at Berkeley wasn’t heroic or principled; it was disorganized, and pathetic. Fighting incivility with incivility inspires no one. It makes progressives look stupid, and it makes the people the protesters purport to represent less safe.”

Inconveniencing The Public Won’t Win Them Over

So, your think preventing weary travelers from getting home from the airport will win them over to the anti-Trump cause? Think again.

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