"Two Terms" Trump

How Donald Trump Will Win Again


Fact Check Fail

Trump Derangement Syndrome

A type of insanity has taken hold of opponents of President Trump. There will be no murderous purge of gay Americans. Joss Whedon has lost his mind.

Check Facts Before You Overreact

Check that your own country isn’t implementing the same policy before condemning President Trump for his.

Nitpicking Makes You Look Petty

Nitpicking is not good politics. Yes, President Trump’s people confused the four-leaf clover for the shamrock, but so did President Obama.

The Inconvenient Truth about Bowling Green

If you really are trying to argue that it is okay to have violent extremists plotting terror attacks on Americans living in Kentucky, and you’re making comic memes about it only because the FBI caught them in time, then you’re one of the people propelling “Two Terms” Trump back into the White House in 2021.

Fact Check Fail – Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch is, in some ways, a surprising Trump nomination for SCOTUS. He appears to be well qualified, restrained and moderate. But that hasn’t stopped silly point scoring, in a misguided attempt to derail his confirmation.

Fact Check Fail – Mike Hager

“Confirmation bias” is a powerful intoxicant, but like all inebriants, it is the enemy of clear thinking and often leads to one making a fool of oneself in public.

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