Trump’s strict new rules for travel ‘a Muslim ban by 1,000 cuts’

A ban on passengers from eight Middle Eastern and North African countries carrying electronics on flights to the US has been described as a “Muslim ban by 1,000 cuts” by a former aviation security official. The rule, brought in by Donald Trump’s administration, would stop passengers bringing laptops, iPads and cameras in carry-on luggage and is thought to affect at least nine airlines.

Before you fly off the handle and declare an aviation security measure something over-dramatic like “a Muslim ban by 1000 cuts” – as the British newspaper The Independent did, quoting an unnamed security expert – check that your own country isn’t doing the same thing. In this case it is. Britain is also banning laptops and other large electronics from various Middle East routes. Perhaps there was some specific intelligence and both the US and the UK implemented sensible counter-measures. Perhaps it has nothing to do with President Trump.

The Independent stories were published a mere 5 hours apart.