When Trump’s travel ban came into force, members of the taxi drivers’ union in New York held a one hour strike. Uber responded by turning off “surge pricing”. Had they not done so, they would have been accused of ‘profiteering’. Instead, they were condemned for ‘scabbing’ and ‘strike breaking’, and a campaign entitled #DeleteUber was started, to encourage people to remove the Uber app from their phones, in protest.

Remind me: what are we supposed to do now that Uber – which stands to lose out by a more generalised restriction on immigration – has brought a law suite in conjunction with other tech companies to challenge the travel ban?


Uber, Twitter, Netflix and other tech giants to call travel ban ‘unlawful’ in rare coordinated legal action

Silicon Valley is stepping up its confrontation with the Trump administration. On Sunday night, Uber, Twitter, Netflix and other prominent tech companies are planning to file legal brief opposing the administration’s contentious travel ban on immigrants, according to people familiar with the matter.