US protests grow against Donald Trump’s immigration ban

Protests against right-wing US President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and immigrants from several Muslim-majority countries have been held in cities across the United States, including in New York City and Washington, DC.

If you’re (rightly) concerned about the fairness and effectiveness of President Trumps’s ban on travel from 7 Middle Eastern countries and incensed enough to protest, ask yourself why you never cared that these same countries ban travel by Israelis, and in some cases anyone who has even visited Israel?

Ask yourself too why you did not protest when President Obama banned travel from Iraq (one of the countries on President Trump’s list.

Did you even know that these bans were in place?

If not, you’re leaving yourself wide open to the charge of selective outrage. If you did, then the charge of hypocrisy is an open goal. Trying to make excuses by claiming “Israel is a special case” just makes matters worse.

Best be less defensive and more honest.