The Internet Found Something Off About Trump’s New Hats

The green “Make America Great Again” hats are being sold to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day-and feature a symbol that’s come under scrutiny.

Not only does nitpicking make you look petty, it has a strange way of boomeranging. Yes, President Trump’s people confused the four-leaf clover for the shamrock – how uninformed and culturally insensitive of him, right? What an incompetent idiot! But wait, so did President Obama. Not only that, so did Guinness Beer – the most Irish of all beers, and an Irish company. And so do millions of people – voters – who sneering anti-Trump campaigners call stupid by default because they too associate the clover with Ireland. That’s not how you win hearts and minds. Stop the daily drip-drip of contempt for your fellow citizens and stop the daily nitpicking if you are serious about stopping a Two-Terms Trump.