Here’s a tweet from Owen Jones, the campaigning British journalist and socialist campaigner that we could have written ourselves

The Socialist Workers Party is an extreme, Trotskyite political party with a comparatively small membership, which nevertheless manages to worm its way into the leadership of every demonstration and protest movement of note.

A few years ago, it emerged that one of its senior officers, Martin Smith, had raped a young party member. When she complained, she was subjected to a “kangaroo court” and discouraged from reporting the assault to the police.

Have a look at the coalition behind this march. The Socialist Workers Party is operating through its front organisation, “Stand up to Racism”.

The other organisations involved are:

  • MEND: an organisation with links to extremists and hate preachers.
  • Stop the War: an organisation which prevented anti-Assad democrats from speaking at their public meetings.
  • The Muslim Council of Britain: an organisation with links to the religious fascist movement, Jamaat-e-Islami
  • The People’s Assembly Against Austerity: an organisation backed by the Communist Party of Britain – a Stalinist party – and indeed by Owen Jones.
  • The Muslim Association of Britain: the United Kingdom’s branch of the religious fascist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Friends of Al Aqsa: An organisation which supports the theocratic terrorist movement, Hamas

When groups like this claim the leadership of the United Kingdom’s Anti-Trump movement, Trump is the ultimate winner.