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How Donald Trump Will Win Again


Milo Yiannopoulis

Read: Berkeley protesters just fell into the most obvious trap imaginable. Again

“These are miserable times, and we should be resisting the erosion of democratic norms at every turn. But what happened at Berkeley wasn’t heroic or principled; it was disorganized, and pathetic. Fighting incivility with incivility inspires no one. It makes progressives look stupid, and it makes the people the protesters purport to represent less safe.”

How to Defeat “Milo” by “Milo”

Milo Yiannopoulos is a species of stand up comedian in the tradition of Lenny Bruce. The ability to shock your elders and betters has always been a winning quality. Have a read of his article, published last year on Breitbart, in which he explains how his opponents can defeat him, and why they fail to do so.

Progressive Intolerance

No matter how filled with righteous indignation, every single time coalitions of Left/Liberal groups resort to violence – or consort with those who do, or excuse it – to shut down free speech they seem like the intolerant ones.

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